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Princess Madeleine of Sweden is a member of the Swedish royal family. She was born on June 10, 1982, in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the youngest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Madeleine has two older siblings, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip. She has been a public figure since her birth and has grown up in the public eye. Over the years, Princess Madeleine has become a beloved member of the Swedish royal family, admired for her intelligence, grace, and beauty.


Early Life and Education

Princess Madeleine grew up in the Royal Palace of Stockholm with her siblings. She attended pre-school and elementary school in Stockholm and then went on to high school at Enskilda Gymnasiet in Djursholm. After graduating from high school, she took a gap year and traveled to London and the United States.

In 2001, Princess Madeleine began her university studies at Stockholm University, where she studied art history, ethnology, and modern history. She also took courses in psychology and law at the University of Stockholm. In 2003, she transferred to Uppsala University, where she studied psychology and art history. She completed her studies in 2006 and earned a degree in art history and ethnology.

Princess Madeleine’s Royal Duties

As a member of the Swedish royal family, Princess Madeleine has a number of official duties. She is involved in a variety of organizations and causes, including the World Childhood Foundation, which was founded by her mother, Queen Silvia, in 1999. The foundation works to protect the rights of children and promote their well-being.

In addition to her work with the World Childhood Foundation, Princess Madeleine has also been involved with the Swedish National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the Swedish Sports Confederation, and the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

Personal Life

Princess Madeleine has been involved in a number of high-profile relationships over the years. In 2008, she began dating lawyer Jonas Bergström, and the couple announced their engagement in August of that year. However, the engagement was called off in April 2010, following rumors of Bergström’s infidelity.

In 2013, Princess Madeleine married American financier Christopher O’Neill in a ceremony at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The couple has three children together: Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas, and Princess Adrienne.

Following her marriage, Princess Madeleine and her family moved to New York City, where her husband worked. However, in 2018, the family returned to Sweden and Princess Madeleine announced that she would be stepping back from her official duties to focus on her family.

Princess Madeleine’s Fashion and Style

Princess Madeleine is known for her impeccable fashion sense and classic style. She often wears designer clothing and is frequently seen in outfits from Swedish designers such as Filippa K and H&M. She is also known for her love of jewelry and often wears pieces from Swedish jewelers.

Princess Madeleine Instagram

Princess Madeleine’s Wedding Dress

Princess Madeleine’s wedding dress was designed by Valentino Garavani, the Italian fashion designer known simply as Valentino. The dress was made of silk organza and ivory Chantilly lace and featured a full skirt, a high neck, and long sleeves. The dress was adorned with a four-meter-long train and a six-meter-long veil.

Princess Madeleine’s Interests

In addition to her royal duties, Princess Madeleine has a number of personal interests. She is an accomplished equestrian and has competed in several horse-riding events. She is also a talented artist and has exhibited her work in several galleries in Sweden.

Princess Madeleine is also interested in fashion and specifically, she has served as an ambassador for the Swedish fashion industry and has been involved in several fashion-related events, including the opening of the Swedish Fashion Exhibition in New York in 2011.

Princess Madeleine’s Philanthropic Work

In addition to her work with the World Childhood Foundation, Princess Madeleine has been involved in a number of other philanthropic initiatives. In 2015, she became an ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund, which works to promote maternal health and reproductive rights.

Princess Madeleine has also been involved in efforts to raise awareness of cyberbullying and online harassment. In 2016, she launched a campaign called “Stay Strong,” which aimed to encourage young people to stand up against cyberbullying and support those who are being bullied.

Princess Madeleine’s Future Role in the Royal Family

Following her move back to Sweden in 2018, Princess Madeleine announced that she would be stepping back from her official duties in order to focus on her family. However, she remains a member of the Swedish royal family and is expected to continue to participate in official events and engagements as needed.

As the younger sister of Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine is not in direct line for the throne. However, she remains an important member of the royal family and is often called upon to represent Sweden at official events both at home and abroad.


Princess Madeleine of Sweden has been a beloved member of the Swedish royal family since her birth. Over the years, she has grown into a confident, intelligent, and compassionate woman who has made significant contributions to a variety of causes and organizations.

Whether she is representing Sweden at an official event, advocating for children’s rights, or showcasing her talents as an artist and equestrian, Princess Madeleine continues to inspire admiration and respect from people around the world. Her dedication to her family, her philanthropic work, and her commitment to promoting positive change make her a role model for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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