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The eggs (0.062 × 0.042 millimeters) are ellipsoidal and contain a mature larva. Definitive masters - monkey, man. Intermediate hosts are various beetles and cockroaches. Registered in people in some countries of Africa (South Africa, Uganda and others), Central America (Panama), Asia (Israel). Monkeys in Angola. In the USSR, one case of an abbreviation was described in the Caucasus. The pathogenesis and clinical picture have not been studied. The diagnosis is based on the detection of eggs in the faeces.

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Hepaticolesis - liver helminthiasis caused by the nematode of the whipworm family - Hepaticola hepatica (Bancroft, 1893) Travassos, 1915.

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The pathogen parasitizes mainly in rodents, less often in dogs. Several cases of hepaticolesis in humans have been described in India, USA (including one that ended fatally), with abdominal pain, fever, eosinophilic leukemoid reaction, hepatomegaly, ascites. The diagnosis is based on the detection of helminth eggs in the liver punctate.

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Ternidentosis is helminthiasis caused by the nematode Ternidens deminutus (Railliet et Henry, 1905). Occurs among the aborigines of some African countries (Southern Rhodesia, Mozambique, Tanzania and others) "often in combination with ascariasis, trichocephalosis and ankylostomiasis.

Often found in monkeys in Africa and Asia. Parasitizes in the intestines. Males (9.5 × 0.56 millimeters) and females (16 × 0.7 millimeters) are similar in size, size and shape to hookworms. The eggs also resemble those of hookworms, but larger (84 × 40 micrometers). Infection occurs when the invasive larvae are swallowed. Having penetrated into the intestine, the larvae penetrate into the thickness of the mucous membrane, forming parasitic nodules. After 6-8 days, they again go out into the intestinal lumen, attach and gradually turn into sexually mature helminths, which are hematophages.









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